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Custom Product Design & Manufacture

Custom Corporate Branding and Awards, Laser Engraving, Deep Etch Sandblasting, Model Making, Sculpting, Mold Making, Resin Casting.     
The original creator of "The BeachBall Sandglobe".


"BeachBall Sandglobes" Hand blown glass globes.  Hollow on the inside, half filled with exotic sand and colorful seashells.  Swirl the sand to bury the shells, then watch as they "float" to the top.  Creating a new, unique Beach Scene every time.  You can almost feel the tropical heat.

Laser engraving / Deep etch sandblasting with your logo and message are available, as well as custom branded designs.  Email or call for a quote.



20 N Division Ave, Orlando, FL 32801, USA

(407) 236-0182


(407) 236-0182

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